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Glass and Panel-Lifter CL-W

Artikelnummer: 00.0024.00357

The CL-W is a flexible applicable glass, panel and universal vacuum lifting device in the class up to 500 kg. The load capacity is 375 kg horizontally and vertically.

Kategorie: Righetti

6.490,00 €

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Lieferzeit: 20 - 25 Werktage

For sandwichpanels and glass, 375 kg horizontal and vertical, radio remote control is included !

The CL-W is a flexible applicable glass, panel cleaner and universal vacuum lifter in the class up to 500 kg.

With a load capacity of 375 kg (horizontal and vertical), it is suitable for the most common sizes of glass panes, but also flat sandwich panels, e.g. on the wall - even with a microlined surface.


Absolutely safe due to 2 independent vacuum circuits (2-circuit vacuum system)

Left and right 90 ° manually rotatable 90 ° pivotable (manual)

External dimensions of the suction plate: 1000 x 500 mm, so that is the smallest slice size to be lifted: 1010 x 510 mm

If necessary, the lifting arm can also be removed easily.

This vacuum lifting device only measures 28 cm. The necessary distance between the scaffolding and the wall is therefore only about 30 cm.

Dead weight is only about 61 kg

The CL-W is also suitable for lifting all other plates or sheets that are not permeable to air.

For example, plastic sheets, metal sheets or coated chipboard or HPL sheets.


If you install refrigeration rooms, the CL-W is the perfect appliance for you.


When you mount glass (as a pane, door or finished window element) it is your reliable daily companion.


With practical remote control ( included in the price ! )


Righetti SRL has for many years been producing very good, well thought-out and well-proven vacuum lifting devices. Northern Italy is well-known and a center for top engineering, all glass suckers and panel lifters are manufactured between Lake Garda and Verona.


With the CL-W you make an investment that pays for itself through the higher performance already at the first order.


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